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Why Jessica Alba Left Acting Industry? Here’re The Reasons

Why Jessica Alba Left Acting Industry? Here’re The Reasons

Elizabeth Finn
Why Jessica Alba Left Acting Industry? Here're The Reasons

Jessica Alba was one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood at the beginning of her career. Alba, who climbed the career ladder rapidly in the 90′, became the sought-after face of the television series. She carried her fame in the nineties to films such as “Honey” in 2003, “The Fantastic Four” in 2005, “Sin City” in 2010 but she began to move away from the screens over the years. Alba, who founded the health and wellness brand named Honest Beauty, which opened in England two years ago in 2011, is known as a health guru by most people.

I Experienced Many Bad Things

Jessica Alba, who told her decision to quit acting in a recent magazine interview, said that after learning she was pregnant with her first baby Honour in 2008, she realized that family health was the tops priority in her life. “My mother had cancer at a very young age, in her 20s. I had grown up with a chronic illness. I had five surgeries before I was 11” and added that “I also had chronic allergies and went to hospitals a lot in my childhood.”

Giving Up Despite The Whole Perfections

During her interview, Alba said that she made the decision to leave her acting career when she thought that she had reached exactly the point where she wanted after years of struggling to climb the fame steps. Jessica Alba added that she was very clear despite all these conditions.

Although she spends most of her time in the wellness industry, Alba is occasionally seen in movies. Recently, Jessica Alba, who appeared in the TV series “L.A’s Finest”, played one of the two powerful police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department with Gabrielle Union.

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