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What is Viscose Fabric and What is Your Choice?

What is Viscose Fabric and What is Your Choice?

Viscose fabric is among the most preferred types of fashion and textiles. Its quality and healthiness are among the most important elements in choosing this fabric. So many people research to get detailed information about viscose fabric. So, what is a viscose fabric? What are its properties? Here are things to know about this fabric.

Viscose is similar to cotton fabrics in terms of the fabric structure. It is possible to say that it has a very wide usage area. Its quality of being healthy and moisture-absorbent allows it to be preferred frequently in the textile world. Moreover, cellulose in the structure of the viscose reveals the similarity of cotton.

What is Viscose Fabric?

Viscose is made of beech wood and is a textile raw material. It consists of cellulose like cotton. There is almost no chemical change in the structure of cellulose, which becomes fluid when producing viscose. When it becomes hard in the form of a filament, it remains as cellulose, and because of this feature, it shows high similarity with cotton again.


What are the Properties of Viscose Fabric?

It has many different features. It takes a lot of place in the fashion world, especially with its advantages.

– It has a high rate of moisture absorption.
– It is an elegant and comfortable fabric type.
– It is suitable for printing.
– Preserves colors for a long time.
– It has a high swelling feature and thus has a waterproof structure.
– Its elasticity is higher compared to cotton.
– It does not cause sweating and gets air.

Is Viscose Fabric Healthy?

It is healthy; because as we mentioned above, its raw material is beech wood, and this is a natural fiber. It is compatible with slippery and skin. So it is comfortable and easy to wear. You can dress yourself and your children safely.

How to Wash Viscose Fabric?

Temperature is very important in viscose fabric washing. Under 40 degrees, hand washable. When it is washed, spreading and drying should be done. Never use centrifugal drying. Dry cleaning is recommended for best results in fabric cleaning. The structure of viscose clothes thrown into the washing machine may deteriorate, wear out, shrink, shine, wear out, and become loose in a short time. Yellowing may occur over time in white and light colors.


Where Is It Used?

Shirt, t-shirt, blouse, lining, underwear, decoration, etc. There. It is a type of fabric that can be used in a very wide area. It can also be preferred in evening wear.

This fabric type usage and usage area are very diverse. It has a comfortable and slippery structure. The fiber of the fabric also provides a soft touch due to its smooth spinning feature. It is used very often in the field of apparel.

Viscose or Cotton?

First of all, it can be said that the viscose fabric has higher moisture and water absorbency and flexibility. It provides more favorable conditions for dyeing and printing than cotton. However, the product becomes weaker compared to cotton when wet.

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