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9 Best Table Lamps For Bedroom 2021

9 Best Table Lamps For Bedroom 2021

We love home decoration with new kinds of stuff. Every new item makes us happy because of the change. Eventually, especially decoration materials such as nightstands/bedside tables or table lamps for bedroom are special things. I mean that we want a comfy sleep before sleep.

Big brands produce beds for the purpose of quality sleep but only this is not enough. Things in our environment are important as well. When you read a book by lie it needs to you see it.

Therefore we have selected some table lamps for bedroom in order to light your room. You can buy them or share your friends or give them as a gift. Get fun.

“We may earn a commission from links on this page. This means we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, but we only recommend products we love. Word of honor.”

Rebuild Table Lamps For Bedroom

Moonstone Table Lamp

⌈1⌋ Moonstone Table Lamp

Experienced Review: “I just love this lamp. It looks just like the picture. Not too big. Perfect for a nightstand. Great colors. Well made.” from slcshopper

Avignon Lamp Base

⌈2⌋ Avignon Lamp Base

Experienced Review: “I purchase two of these lamps to go at both ends of an antique buffet. The lamps are incredible. So beautiful. Well made. Heavy. This is one of my favorite buys from Anthro! *the picture is a work in progress. Still waiting on a large mirror in the middle. :)” from cerwin

Dorma Genevieve Crystal Candlestick Table Lamp

⌈3⌋ Dorma Genevieve Crystal Candlestick Table Lamp


Experienced Review: “I bought a pair of these lamps for the bedroom and I absolutely love them. The picture does not really do them justice as the crystal base is gorgeous and looks so nice even when the lamps are not lit. They are also very heavy so no chance of them falling over. I did think I may change the shades but to be honest I really like them and they give a really nice effect when the lamp is turned on. Definitely worth the money.” from LesleyH 

Colleen Green Glass Table Lamp

⌈4⌋ Colleen Green Glass Table Lamp


Experienced Review: “I read the other reviews before ordering so I knew the glass base wasn’t as green as it portrayed in the advertising pictures. However I loved the design so I couldn’t resist ordering. I really like it and It looks lovely in my bedroom. But it would have been five stars had the base been greener!” from Little_L 

Regina Andrew Design Mother of Pearl Column Table Lamp

⌈5⌋ Regina Andrew Design Mother of Pearl Column Table Lamp

Experienced Review: “Bought 2 for a sofa table. Very happy with the quality. Needed an elegant contemporary look Also wanted variable light options There are 2 independent bulbs so it offers low or high lighting. The shade has nice detailing and is sturdy. The base has a good weight so it won’t tip easily. The stem finish is chrome not brass. And the base is clear lucite.” from LGCAshopper

Kathy Ireland Pacific Coast Seeri Table Lamp

⌈6⌋ Kathy Ireland Pacific Coast Seeri Table Lamp

Experienced Review: “This lamp takes 2 100 watt bulbs which is rare. For long winter nights you get plenty of light. Shade is very unique and very modern. It has two layers. Interior is semi-opaque-exterior is clear but with a mesh coating. Well made and well packed. The floor lamp that matches this is even more fabulous. The base is very heavy which keeps it stable and the cord is long on both. If you have a hugh end table the floor lamp could actually be used because it will adjust down for a dramatic effect in a big space.” from 1099

Laurentia Table Lamp

⌈7⌋ Laurentia Table Lamp
$65.99 $84.99

Experienced Review: “Perfect as replacements for previous lamps on bedside tables. Would recommend for any table where you need more room for other items. Glass covered vase is easier to dust.” from Katie A

Maddy Table Lamp

⌈8⌋ Maddy Table Lamp
$33.99 $39.99 

Experienced Review: “It’s an beautiful lamp , my daughter loves it that I actually purchased too . With just one and depending on the bulb you use it’s bright where my daughter can just have one lamp one to fill the light in her room !” from NATHALIE H

Jacek Table Lamp (Set of 2)

⌈9⌋ Jacek Table Lamp (Set of 2)
$89.99 $139.99

Experienced Review: “I really like most of the lamp. The way Ashley’s packaged them was super awkward and some of the styrofoam actually melted to the base a bit. Took some cleaning. I’m replacing the lamp shades, though, because I was not aware that the interior of the shade were lined with a very shiny gold material so it’s quite blinding and harsh to look at. That was a bit of a disappointment.” from Joshua W

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