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A Hidden Treasure: Caffeine Effect on Skin-Care

A Hidden Treasure: Caffeine Effect on Skin-Care

Elizabeth Finn

If you can’t start the day without any coffee or drinking a caramel latte, we’re sure that you’ll be very happy to add another dose of caffeine to your life. Of course, drinking coffee so much in a day is not healthy such as drinking 5 cups of coffee, yet this magical element is more important for our skins than you suppose. Let me give an example, Caffeine, which has been used in beauty products for years, adds energy to your skin, just like the morning coffee that wakes you up.

Just a Suggestion

Think of the first sips of your morning coffee, this habit increases your concentration throughout the day and at the same time provides the energy you need. You can think of caffeine-based care products for skin like that. A few drops of caffeine serum or eye cream maybe may not increase your concentration, but it definitely gives energy to your skin. We are suggesting this article which includes the relationship between caffeine and skin to you. Also, you can see below what you need to know about the caffeine and skincare elements and the researches we see in many products.

What’s caffeine?

Caffeine was discovered in 1819 by a German chemist named Friedrich Ferdinand Runge. It’s an ergogenic supplement with stimulating effects found naturally in leaf or fruit foods such as coffee, tea, or cocoa. It’s seen in coffee mostly among these foods, so it has become synonymous with coffee. Caffein is also later added to energy drinks and cola.

What’re the benefits of caffeine on the skin?

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