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10 Things You Should Take in Your Tote Bag for Travel

10 Things You Should Take in Your Tote Bag for Travel

If you are on a trip, you have forgotten to take things with you. Short or long-distance trips are pleasing for people. But sometimes there is a possibility of turning into a nightmare. According to Statista data; In 2019, people spent $ 2.9 trillion to travel. This amount reveals how much we love traveling. 

When you go on a short distance trip, it can be really bad to forget to take things with us. It’s hard to even think you forgot to take your charger, handkerchief, painkiller, or money with you. It is perhaps best to make a list on this issue. Just like making an earthquake bag.

Tote Bag for Travel

But this time our bag is not an earthquake bag, but a tote bag. One of the most favorite bags of women, tote bags are very useful for short or long-distance travel. They have a larger internal volume than handbags. They are designed in an eye-catching way by bag designers.


If you don’t like long-distance travel, short-distance travel is ideal for you. You are satisfied with the trips that you will stay for a day or a few days. But you may not have a plan for things you need to take with you. We would like to draw attention to a few things that you should pay attention to.

A Mirror is a Must

Women look at their faces dozens of times during the day. This has now become a reflex. But when you travel, you may not find a mirror everywhere. For this reason, you should take a small mirror with you. Believe me, it will be very useful for you.


Of Course Lipstick

The first thing you should use to revitalize your pale lips is lipstick. You can revive your tired and dry lips with your lipstick during your travels.


Mini Makeup Bag Will Make it Easy to Find Your Makeup Materials

The makeup items you put in your tote bag are good at getting lost. Some women cannot find the lipstick they are looking for minutes. The reason for this is that the bag has an irregular structure. With this tiny makeup bag that you will take with you, your makeup materials will no longer be lost. Notice, excess weights will tire your arm. Take enough of yourself.


Do Not be without Money

Some women like to use cash, while others like credit cards. Money is required to spend whatever it is. Do not forget to have money with you according to your preference.


Deodorant or Perfume

Women need to be clean. A clean dress, a clean face, a clean skin. It is also important to smell good. Especially if we spend a long part of the day outside, we need more fragrances. You can put your favorite perfumes in your tote bag for travel. But make sure it’s light



Don’t Forget Mobile Phone

Nowadays, there is one thing that we never take away from us: Mobile phone. Post on Instagram, twitter on twitter, or watch videos on youtube. We do it all from these smartphones. Keeping us in touch makes us happy. Also, you should take pictures on your trip. And we recommend you to share them on Instagram. But we have another suggestion: Do not forget to experience the moment.


Charger or Power Bank

A discharged phone is not a phone. Phone batteries that do not last for a long time make us nervous. Even though we paid so much, companies still could not find a solution. Since we have nothing to do about this, we have to take our charger with us. If you want a powerful power bank (10,000-20.000maH) take it with you. It will be very useful to you.


Sanitary Pad

If you do not want to be caught unprepared, be sure to have a pad or tampon with you. Especially if you know the periods you will have menstruation, it is one of the most important things you should have with you at that time. Women with order problems should never separate from their bags.


May Be Your Painkiller Savior

One of the things you need to take in your tote bag for travel is painkiller. Almost everyone’s head hurts from time to time. We can get a headache from weather changes, body hormones, or what we eat. Do not leave your job to chance. If you have a certain painkiller that you use, definitely take it with you. Headaches can ruin your trip.


Wet Wipes

Of course, one of the materials that may be needed is wet wipes. It is very useful for you if something is spilled on your clothes or you want to clean your hands hygienically. You will find the benefit of having a mini wet wipe in your bag.

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